The environmental approach is essential for us! is keen to be an Eco-responsible, clean and ethical company.

For this reason, we changed suppliers, and found the only one in Belgium to prove that we were certified by the prestigious MPS label. Ecological protection is at the heart of our century, we want to be part of this change towards a cleaner planet, while respecting the limits of nature. 


 MPS (“Milieu Programma Sierteelt”) is a reputable and recognized label for measuring the environmental impact of horticultural production. In a sustainable development approach, companies undertake to control their operations: phytosanitary treatments, water, energy, waste recovery, fertilizers, products, etc.

This label is a reliable and official certificate which aims to improve the techniques and practices of professionals, for real respect for the environment. It assesses the environmental impact of horticultural productions. To do this, it takes into account the consumption of energy, fertilizers, crop protection products, water, waste management and CO2 consumption.

The ecotoxicity of the products linked to the energy consumption of the production are also calculated. The objectives of MP.S are: 

-Reduction of levies on non-renewable resources

-Prevention and reduction of pollution

-Reduction and responsible management of waste and preservation of biodiversity.

In this sector of activity and in Europe, the MPS label is recognized internationally.


It has already been adopted by 3 producers around the world and recognized in nearly 500 countries.

Seed of Life joins forces with Graine de Vie for the reforestation of the planet.

Since 2018, our online Christmas tree sales site has been helping nature. In order to register our company in a greener approach and in keeping with our planet, we join forces with Seed of Life, who will plant ten trees in Madagascar for each tree sold. Whether you choose a Nordmann fir or a spruce, whether cut or in a pot, you will contribute to reforestation through our partnership.

What does the Graine de Vie association do?

Graine de Vie is an eco-responsible association that offsets the carbon footprint by planting trees and expanding nurseries. The current plantations of Graine de Vie take place in the Madagascar National Park. The association also plays a role of sensitizer to the environmental cause and sustainability. It trains nurserymen and sets up innovative and unifying projects. The other objective of the association is to include women in the realization of these projects, at the local level. The European members who work on site, with the locals, are all volunteers, while the association's projects require the employment of many native day laborers. In addition, Seed of Life contributes to biodiversity. Indeed, the trees planted are mainly fruit trees which provide a sustainable and essential rent to the local economy.

Why did we choose Seed of Life?

Graine de Vie is one of the most serious associations in the field of reforestation and planting. We are proud to be able to present ourselves as an eco-partner of this NGO which employs nearly 400 paid people in the reforestation of Madagascar. The association has already planted more than 130 different tree species and in 10 years, it can display this impressive number of more than 14 million trees planted thanks to donations and to its partners, of which we are now part. Knowing that the average carbon footprint of a European is 10 tonnes of CO2 per year, Graine de Vie theoretically offsets the annual carbon footprint of 6000 people.

Don't be fooled by your preconceived ideas, a artificial tree is much worse for nature than a natural tree. You can participate in reforestation, by simply order a tree on our site.